Māris Žunda

    Certified trainer of Wim Hof method in Baltics, head of "Rūdīšanās skola", coach, cold movement trainer and co-founder of - biohacker.

    ​Artūrs Bernovskis

    Technology expert, Creator of a productive work environment and platform. co-founder - biohacker.


    1What is biohacking?
    Biohacking is systemic thinking through the prism of nature, technology and science to improve oneself. In other words - how to break your physiology to be more productive, energetic, healthier and happier! In the field of ​​healthy lifestyle, bio-hackers are becoming increasingly active, especially in the US and now also in Latvia, which is a new movement suitable for modern people to improve their physiological and mental potential. One wants to improve the functioning of the brain through sleep, someone wants to become more energetic, productive in their professional career, etc. This is an opportunity to take inspiration, experience and start cracking your wellness code! Biohacking is a tool box that lets you do it all.

    Biohacking covers a wide range of topics - health, performance, skills, development.

    1. Development and improvement of health and physical / mental abilities. For example, by balancing body weight, energy sources and gaining a proper understanding of how the body works, you will be able to change your quality of life with the goal of improving your overall well-being, stamina and happiness in your daily life.
    2. To reach your goal easier and more efficiently or in a structured flow. For example, by unlocking your inner potential, working with restrictive beliefs, changing mindsets and perspectives, working through different issues, creating a positive mental attitude, focusing on your desired destination, establishing discipline. These will make a real difference to your current life and outlook in the future.
    3. Developing new skills and competences. For example, managing and controlling stress, specific habit / behavioral changes and developmental skills, developing creative abilities, gaining self-confidence, improving communication, making better decisions, improving productivity, and developing self-leadership abilities. These are important skills that need to be developed and improved daily.
    4. Developing consciousness, perception and conviction, identifying values ​​and living up to our true values, and finding meaning in life. For example, improving self-esteem, realizing gratitude and human values ​​in life, gaining clarity of purpose, and reviewing and achieving life goals are the beginning of a fulfilling life on the physical and mental plane.
    2What is the Health Performance Summit 2020?
    Health Performance Summit 2020 is a public presentation of the biohacker toolbox. It is an opportunity to meet strong, productive and healthy progressive people and hear how they can help improve the quality of life. Summits goal is to learn. Find like-minded people and share your successes and challenges you are facing with others.
    Together with experts from different fields, we have developed a program of lectures and masterclasses that reflect experts, doctors, biohackers' knowledge of biohacking tools and help significantly improve the quality of life at work and at home. We have noticed that focusing on improving one particular aspect of health is relatively conditional. Gym only makes the weight of your wallet lighter, but diets help for the time while they are being followed, so changes need to be introduced systematically and gradually. This is our experience and we see that for many people in Latvia it is everyday life - they face difficulties in implementing knowledge in their lives.

    The goal of our training is the first big step for a human being to change, to build systematic knowledge from experts, scientists, doctors and biohackers in the fundamentals of how our bodies work.
    3What will I learn in Health Performance Summit 2020?
    "The main themes of this year's Summit, which will take the form as lectures and masterclasses over two days - Body, Intelligence, Environment!

    Physiological needs are related to maintaining the human body at an appropriate level, significantly altering the quality of life, improving overall well-being, stamina and happiness in everyday life.
    Organize your physical body, understand its need for energy and well-being. The key is how to build a physical activity system that is designed to succeed in both short and long term goals.
    Development and improvement of health and physical / mental abilities by gaining an understanding of the principles of body functioning.

    Today we are aware that intelligence is not just our intellectual potential, something that we are born with, that we can measure and that is difficult to change. Intelligence involves more - it is the ability to understand the world, to think rationally and effectively, to use the resources at its disposal. Learn to understand, use and manage your emotions in a positive way, turn intentions into action, and achieve your personal goals. Build stronger relationships with others, succeed in your personal / career life, and deal with everyday challenges.

    The environment
    The environment in which we live has an undeniable impact on our health, well-being and quality of life. The environment nourishes and creates us, if we do not create and control it, it takes control of us. Simply put, people are the product of their environment.
    You are able to change it! By understanding how to control what is happening around you, you will be able to make changes in your body and move your biology in the right direction."
    4Why to attend Summit 2020?
    1. Learn and be inspired by the best - this is the best place to be in the biohacking, fitness, nutrition and medical industries - all in one place. Learn from experts in different fields and get answers to your questions.
    2. Meet similar thinking - Finding people with the same interests and goals can be challenging, so this is a great place to find and connect with like-minded people.
    3. Invest in Your Wellbeing - These are two days out of the ordinary, combined with new knowledge, experience and techniques that will help you learn more about your body and retain this knowledge for life to invest in your health and quality of life.
    4. Meaningful Conversations - Sleep, Breathing, Nutrition, Fatigue, Meditation and many more topics that will be shared by local and global experts. Gain valuable knowledge about improving your health and become a better version of yourself!"
    5What is this Summit made for?
    "The Summit is intended for an international audience and for all those who see no limits in their daily lives and are ready to change their habits, understand themselves and their bodies. Become happier, healthier and more successful.

    For individuals
    Are you tired of feeling sick or physically and mentally exhausted? This Summit is suitable for individuals who want to improve the quality of their mental and physical well-being and other vital living standards.

    The goal of a company is mainly to earn profit and promote the growth of the company. To achieve this goal, the company needs healthy, productive employees who are able to perform the duties entrusted to them in a qualitative manner.

    For professionals
    This event will also be a great opportunity for field professionals and experts (sports coaches, doctors, etc.) who wish to gain additional knowledge and skills for the holistic direction, continue education by gaining knowledge based on modern methods, scientific research and tools used in daily practice."
    6Who are the organizers of Summit?
    Māris Žunda
    Certified trainer of Wim Hof method in Baltics, head of ""Rūdīšanās skola"", coach, cold movement trainer and co-founder of - biohacker.

    Artūrs Bernovskis
    Technology expert, Creator of a productive work environment and platform. co-founder - biohacker. "
    7What is the concept of summit?
    "On both days of the Health Performance Summit 2020, participants will have the opportunity to attend lectures and workshops featuring experts from around the world.
    The first Summit Day (03.04.2020) will be held in Summit format, where participants will have the opportunity to attend lectures and workshops, as well as see and hear more than 30 experts from all over the world in one place. The first day of the Summit will be in English, but translation into Latvian and Russian will be provided.
    The second Summit Day (04.04.2020) will take place in the format of a festival, where experts will perform on several stages in parallel, and will also have the opportunity to participate in various master classes and side events, and to gain new contacts. On this day, speakers will speak English, Latvian and Russian.
    Both Summit days will run from 10am to 6pm with multiple coffee / lunch breaks. We will bring together a variety of partners to give you a chance to taste delicious, happy coffee and refreshments, as well as see innovative products."
    8Who will perform at the Summit?
    This year's Summit will feature more than 30 local and global experts from a variety of disciplines.
    9Where will the Health Performance Summit 2020 take place?
    The Health Performance Summit 2020 will take place on April 3 and 4, 2020 in H206 kvartāls, Riga.
    10Do I need prior knowledge of biohacking to participate in Summit?
    This summits is available to anyone, including beginners with poor knowledge of biohacking topics and also experienced experts who want to expand their knowledge of other topics. We are working hard and think about making the content understandable and valuable to everyone.
    11How and should I prepare for the event in advance?
    "If you're ready to take the next step, we've developed a special Biohacking Bootcamp Preparation Lecture and Training Cycle where you can take a look at biohacking, get a lot of new and valuable insights on how to improve your quality of life. Accompanied by 5 professional lecturers you will have the opportunity to gain individual experience and knowledge. It will be a place where you do not have to think about the environment, because everything you need will be provided. During Bootcamp we will talk and practice the following topics:
    -Building better habits and understanding goals -Biohacking tools and their applications -Nutrition training - Physical activity training -Sleep training - Stress management and endurance training -Energy control and training -Cognitive Performance Training and Mind

    The next Bootcamp will take place from January 24 to 26 in the beautiful Skrunda Manor, located in the heart of Kurzeme. Find more information about Bootcamp and sign up here"
    12Is there an age limit for attending summit?
    There are no age limits for attending Summit and entry for children (up to 17 years) togeather with their parents is for free.
    13What is the ticket price and what does it include?
    "Ticket prices until January 13: Two-Day Ticket (April 3 and 4) - 95 EUR (VAT included)
    From January 14, ticket prices: First day (April 3) - 95 EUR (VAT included) Day Two (April 4) - 95 EUR (VAT included) Two-Day Ticket - 165 (VAT included)
    Note that after January 13, the price will increase significantly! Find special offers for companies here! * Tickets are sold through ""Biļešu Paradīze"".
    The price of one ticket includes:
    - Participation in the event, lectures, master classes - On April 4, all day, three halls, a total of about 30 speakers and experts - Exhibition stands, sauna and ice bath - Family friendly: entry for children (up to 17 years) togeather with their parents is for free Special offer for companies!"
    14Everything about booking, receiving and checking your ticket
    Your seat in this event will be guaranteed only after payment of the bill. As the ticket will be paid through "Biļešu Paradīze", you will receive your ticket via e-mail and present it on paper or electronically on your smart device at Summit Day.
    15Can I return or transfer my purchased ticket?
    The ticket you purchased is not refundable, and we do not refund the money from your purchase, but you can transfer your ticket to another person who wants to attend the summit.
    16Will there be a wardrobe at the Summit venue to leave outerwear, store bags and other belongings?
    Yes, there will be a wardrobe at the venue where you can leave your outerwear, but we do not keep bags and other belongings and are not responsible for lost or stolen property.
    17Will catering be provided?
    We will bring together a variety of partners on site to give you the opportunity to taste delicious coffee and refresh with rich variety of snacks, as well as see innovative products.
    18Will the Summit be photographed and filmed?
    By entering the event, you agree that you will be filmed and photographed by the event organizers, the media, etc. Photographing, filming and posting on social networks are also allowed for all Sumits participants and guests.
    19Can I participate in the Summit as a speaker, supporter, sponsor, volunteer?
    Yes, we are open to all of these opportunities. For more information, please contact us at!
    20How can you contact us?
    Phone: +371 26006622 (Māris Žunda)
    Or contact us on our website here!